DLITE::iTBox Class Reference

TBox interface. More...

#include <tbox.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~iTBox ()
virtual sptExpression GetDefinition (const operator_t i_operator)=0
 Retrieves concept's definition.
virtual void AddDefinition (const operator_t i_ontology, const operator_t i_operator, const sptExpression &i_spExpr)=0
 Add concept definition.

Static Public Member Functions

static spiTBox Create (const spiStore &i_spStore)

Detailed Description

TBox interface.

TBox interface definition.

Member Function Documentation

void DLITE::iTBox::AddDefinition ( const operator_t  i_ontology,
const operator_t  i_operator,
const sptExpression &  i_spExpr 
) [pure virtual]

Add concept definition.

This methods adds a concept definition to the TBox.

i_ontology ontology ID
i_operator concept ID
i_spExpr expression object pointer
DLITE::sptExpression DLITE::iTBox::GetDefinition ( const operator_t  i_operator  )  [pure virtual]

Retrieves concept's definition.

This method retrieves the expression associated with a given concept.

i_operator Concept id.
Expression object pointer. Null if expression not found.

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