DLITE::tExprFactory Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  { err_fact_type = err_off_fact, err_fact_args }
typedef stack< _buffer
< operator_t > > 

Public Member Functions

 tExprFactory (const spiIDGenerator &i_spIdGen=spiIDGenerator())
 tExprFactory (const tExprFactory &i_oSrc)
void clear ()
void concept (const operator_t i_nCpt)
void top ()
void bottom ()
void univ (const operator_t i_nRole)
void exist (const operator_t i_nRole)
void andop ()
void orop ()
void neg ()
sptExpression expr () const
 operator sptExpression () const
tExprFactoryoperator= (tExprFactory &i_oSrc)

Protected Member Functions

void reset ()
operator_t nextId ()
void role (const operator_t i_nType, const operator_t i_nRole)
void andor (const operator_t i_nType)
tExprFactoryassign (const tExprFactory &i_oSrc)

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